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Mega-Church Survey

42-16845576Here are a few interesting quotes from and article entitled, “Survey Examines America’s Megachurchgoers”.

Megachurches also tend to draw in a lot more new people compared to the typical church. Over two-thirds (68 percent) of megachurch attendees have been there five years or less while only 40 percent of those in churches of all sizes joined the church recently. Almost half (45 percent) of attendees of a typical church have been there for more than 10 years.

Although megachurches have nearly twice as many new attendees, most of the new people are already Christians and came from another church. Seventy-seven percent said they have been long-time committed Christ followers for seven or more years and only 2 percent said they are not a follower. Also, 18 percent had not attended church for a while before coming to the megachurch and just 6 percent said they never went to church previously.

“[T]hese findings suggest that many participants are interacting with the megachurches on their own terms, to meet their own individualized needs,” the researchers state in their report, noting that megachurches offer a multitude of choices and avenues by which churchgoers’ spiritual needs can be met.

“As such, involvement at these (and perhaps all) churches may be less about creating an idealized plan to move someone toward commitment and more about providing many ways by which people could craft their unique, customized spiritual experience to meet their needs,” the researchers add.


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