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SCH087This was a question posed to me after Sunday’s message on Matthew 14:22-33. The thought was, after Jesus had calmed the last storm, why wouldn’t Peter ask Him to calm the current one? My first response was, well, as Dr. MacArthur says, “we’re thick”. In other words, we are hard headed and fail to get things the first time (or the second, or the third, and so on). In the words of my father-in-law, the disciples were “slow-blinkers”. But then again so are we. And yet, the more I thought about it, I think I’ve changed my answer.

If asked the question again, I think I would respond this way. “That is a question that could only come from a western mind.” That’s what we would ask. “God, please calm the storm.” or “God, please deliver me from the storm.”

We are a weak bunch here in the good ole US of A. We don’t like the thought of trials and tribulations even though it’s in the midst of those trials and tribulations that we are conformed into the image of Christ and have the best opportunties to glorify Him. Wouldn’t that be a great song? “I’ll praise you in the storm” (oh yeah, that’s been done already).

We seek deliverance and removal at every turn. I’m sure it’s on a rare occasion that you’ve ever heard a prayer like, “God, command me to come to you, and I’ll come!” “Call me into the storm, Lord.” No. What we hear is, “Call me out of the storm, Lord.” And as a result, we have little understanding of endurance. As a matter of fact, we hate the thought of suffering so much we’ve created a eschatological view that saves us from having to endure any hardship as redemptive history winds down.

Why did Peter not ask for the wind to stop? He wanted the Lord to test his faith. He wanted to prove his faith was strong. I know he began to sink when he turned his eyes and his mind away from the Lord, but grace prevailed! And kuddos to Peter for at least trying.

Oh if we could all come to a place in our journey where we could/would say, “Lord, command me to come! And may your grace be as available, immediate, and gentle when I fail!”


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New Music

It’s time for new music! Here are two songs and links to help you get familiar with the music before Sunday. Enjoy.

In the Cross of Christ I Glory (When you get to the link, click on “Demo Mp3 link”)

Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King (YouTube audio/video)

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David Platt: SBC Pastors Conference 2009 from Todd Thomas on Vimeo.

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Lunch at World Garden

bg_94hx I had the opportunity to take Wendy to lunch today (Ah, the joy of her being at home). Anyway, we went to World Garden in Bentonville. While there, a few neat things happened.

First, I met the owner, Rick Boosey. Not only a nice guy, but someone who is simply making himself available for God to use and enjoying every minute of it. In his words, “I just show up.” He has great stories of all God is doing through the store. I would encourage everyone to stop by, meet Rick, and enjoy the great atmosphere and food. If you ever ask me where I want to eat, you can bet I will now say, “World Garden “. It has quickly become my favorite place to eat.

Second, during our conversation, Rick introduced us to two young women who have recently launched a new website for women called (in)courage. It is a division or branch of Dayspring. Stephanie and Holly were very excited about the connections they were making through the site. I took a look at the site. It’s a bit too feminine for me (Matt, I’m keeping my man-card thank you very much), but you ladies will probably like it a lot.

Third, I ran into a father I know through Life Way Christian School and he blessed our church with a coffee maker and a two-month supply of coffee from World Garden. So, in reality, he blessed us, World Garden, and the children in Tibet and Brazil who benefit from the sale of their coffee. Thank you Mr. Burnett.

There is more to the story, but I’ll keep it to myself until Sunday. How’s that for a teaser!

Blessings Church!

Pastor Chris

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Music Links

MPj04387000000[1]I thought I would send a few music weblinks for those who would enjoy singing the music we will be singing this weekend before Sunday. A couple have familiar lyrics and music, the third, familiar music and new lyrics.

Wonderful Merciful Savior (The song should play automatically once accessing the site)

O Worship the King (Select the “Demo Mp3” link)

Let Us Love and Sing and Wonder (Select the “Demo Mp3” link)

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New Song for Sunday

Listen here while you follow along with the lyrics below.

Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken

Jesus, I my cross have taken,
All to leave and follow Thee.
Destitute, despised, forsaken,
Thou from hence my all shall be.
Perish every fond ambition,
All I’ve sought or hoped or known.
Yet how rich is my condition!
God and heaven are still my own.

Man may trouble and distress me,
’Twill but drive me to Thy breast.
Life with trials hard may press me;
Heaven will bring me sweeter rest.
Oh, ’tis not in grief to harm me
While Thy love is left to me;
Oh, ’twere not in joy to charm me,
Were that joy unmixed with Thee.

Haste thee on from grace to glory,
Armed by faith, and winged by prayer.
Heaven’s eternal days before thee,
God’s own hand shall guide us there.
Soon shall close thy earthly mission,
Soon shall pass thy pilgrim days,
Hope shall change to glad fruition,
Faith to sight, and prayer to praise.

© 2001 Bill Moore Music.

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Loving Choices Blog

Loving ChoicesCheck out the Loving Choices Blog and the post regarding our youth group and their garage sale to support such a wonderful ministry.

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